vaccine bottle and syringe1)  Vaccine science is ‘unsettled’

There are scientific peer-reviewed papers that have exposed the dangers of many vaccines as well as the “herd immunity myth”.  [See the International Medical Council on Vaccination.]  And, there is documented evidence that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has intentionally kept this information away from public health workers, physicians, legislators and the general public.  [See: Health Hazards of Disease Prevention, Deadly Immunity by Robert Kennedy, Jr, Science for Sale by Dr David Lewis, Red Ice Creations interview with researcher scientist Dr Brian Hooker.]

2)  Harvard Study concludes “safe and effective drugs” are a myth

A 2013 Harvard Study exposed the epidemic of corruption in government institutions by Big Pharma influence and money.  [See: Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and the Myth of Safe and Effective Drugs]

3)  All participating in vaccination program are exempted from liability

Those manufacturing, ordering or administering vaccines have been granted immunity from liability should their drug cause injury, illness or even  death. There is no incentive to insure vaccines are even effective, which they aren’t.  [See Supreme Court decision Bruesewitz versus Wyeth]

4)  Patients and parents never given full disclosure

Vaccine package inserts are intentionally substituted with a sales pitch created by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics that hides the truth about vaccine benefits and health risks, including seizures, denying parents/patients full disclosure.  [See American Academy of Pediatrics’ Refusal to Vaccinate document, that no one should sign.]

5)  CDC vaccination recommendations are not science based. The CDC has a well documented long history of unscrupulous activities.

Vaccine schedules have been established by the CDC and are promoted by public health departments, the American Academy of Pediatrics and other various organizations. CDC vaccine recommendations are not science-based as many of their reports have been altered to hide pertinent and damning information.  [See former CDC scientist Dr David Lewis’ book Science for Sale and CDC Exposed.]

6)  CDC is a private for-profit corporation ‘doing business’

The CDC is not a government health advocacy organization. It is a corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet and headquartered in the STATE OF GEORGIA, with strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, their recommendations are influenced by the ‘fiscal’ health of their corporation.

7)  State public health institutions are private for-profit corporations ‘doing business’

Physician or institutional records are frequently reviewed by the STATE public health department, which is also a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet, who receives monetary compensation from the CDC to perform this function. Therefore, the state public health department’s recommendations and actions are influenced by the ‘fiscal’ health of their own corporation.

8)  American Academy of Pediatrics is a private for-profit corporation ‘doing business’

The AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS and the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS are not health advocacy organizations. They are trade associations-corporations (listed on Dun and Bradstreet) that are head-quartered in the STATE OF ILLINOIS and the STATE OF KANSAS respectively, whose monetary compensation from the vaccine manufacturers contributes to the ‘fiscal’ health of their corporations.

9)  Physicians get more money for each ‘fully vaccinated’ child

Physicians (who are intentionally misinformed by the CDC and Big Pharma and who cannot be sued for vaccine injuries) are paid higher reimbursement rates for each “fully vaccinated” child.

10)  Profits, not science, motivate vaccine mandates

LEGISLATORS for the STATE have passed corporate statutes mandating certain vaccines for attendance in educational institutions. As the LEGISLATORS have no medical training and can easily be influenced by drug company lobbyists and or the CDC, INC, their statutes are not scientifically motivated.   [See retired pharmacist and lobbyist Kristine Severyn’s Profits not Science, Motivate Vaccine Mandates]

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18 responses to “TEN LITTLE KNOWN FACTS

  1. How can you prove # 6? I have been on the CDC website for awhile, and it looks like a government site to me. It’s organizational chart is there too, and it’s funding from grants and other govt sources.


  2. I don’t care if the CDC claims vaccines cure all illness’s. MY BODY MY CHOICE!!!!!


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  4. This article states the CDC is a for profit, private entity. I have a friend questioning this so I googled and I’m only finding sites that say the CDC is a government entity working under HHS. I went to Dun & Bradstreet website to look up CDC and nothing pops up. Can anyone please provide proof they are NOT government?


  5. My twin daughters are 30 years old now. They both had the MMR shot. After that, I was sitting on the couch and my 8 month old girls were playing by the window, then there was silence. They slumped over. I called 911, fire paramedics were just around the corner, I ran outside with both of them. They were rushed to the hospital. My daughters were blue. The fresh air helped. The clinic gave me no information, and little help. One daughter had 105 degree temperature and laid motionless on the couch for days. The nurse at the clinic kept in touch. If your child has a reaction to the shots — You are just another statistic. They say that a certain “small” percent has a reaction or dies. What if that child was yours. The clinic told me that they had a batch of bad serum. You should not put needles in your body. Ask the doctors — Do they get shots? I was told they do not. It’s big business.

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  6. These corporate entities make billions of dollars; therefore, they have the ability to hide and make their “science” and “lies” look like life to the public. Do more deeper investigative work by reading the research of the people who have risked their lives to give the information. Kathleen

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  7. Vaccines were created from the very START to HARM humans, not to save lives. Vaccine science is a HOAX! “Herd immunity” is a damnable LIE! It is actually the VACCINATED children who shed the live virus, not the unvaccinated ones. There are many studies(outside the U.S.)…comparing the health of vaccinated to unvaccinated children. The UNVACCINATED ONES are healthier. I received a contaminated polio vaccine in the late 1950’s; it was infected with the Epstein-Barr virus, a form of herpes that causes mononucleosis, and can NEVER be filtered from the blood. It is what is known as a “stealth” virus…it remains latent(lurking) in the body…until triggered to cause death at a later time in life. The NIH now says that this “virus”…also known as SV 40…is linked to many types of cancer. This is why my generation(I’m 58 y/o)…is called the “baby BOOMERS!” We will all “blow up” from these poisonous, time-released, disease-inducing vaccines. Vaccinations are the worst GENOCIDAL crime being committed against humanity.


  8. New to all this, so just trying to learn. If there is a “corporation” vs “government agency” or however it needs to be worded, what exactly does that mean? Does Dun and Bradstreet not list “true” government or non-for profit agencies? I’ve been doing research on vaccines and have not vaccinated my youngest child, but the legalities of it all is so confusing. Also, just for sake of educating others, is there a strong source for #9? I could already hear someone say, “Of course they get more money. More procedures (giving each vaccine) are involved and they are reimbursed for every procedure performed.” Keep in mind I used to be all for vaccines, so I’m trying to “think” like one who is for vaccines in hopes of being prepared to answer their questions or give them reliable sources.


  9. I feel confused with the Dun & Bradstreet thing. Not sure how to explain my confusion. I want to make sure I understand it before I send a vaccination notice. What types of “businesses” would NOT be listed on Dun & Bradstreet? I looked up charities so does that indicate they are not a charity at all? It seems you can find just about anything there, so I just want to be able to explain my stance when I make a statement about any government agency/corporation. I mean even charities have to operate like a business to keep up with money. If it was a true government organization, would it not be listed there? I could just be babbling, but I really am trying to understand. Thanks again!


  10. Hi
    My daughter born in July 30 2017 at ohio state. I did not want to vaccinate her but doctors said its all mandatory. Do I need to vaccinate my daughter to get school admission. ?

    Thanks for your help


  11. Greetings,

    The STATE OF ILLINOIS has a religious exemption for vaccinations. I was just wondering, would it be better to pursue trying to get the religious exemption or serving the Vaccine Notice? Or maybe do both?


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