Who owns our children?


By AL Whitney © copyround 2015
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If you believe the constitution is going to protect your children from mandatory school vaccinations, then please review this Federal Judge’s decision.  See Judge tosses out three religious exemption claims

familyWhy are we asking the STATE OF corporation their permission (an exemption) to protect our precious children from unwarranted toxic pharmaceutical products known as vaccines?

Who owns our children?

When a man and woman combine their biological matter together to create a zygote, they are the rightful owners of their creation. Without her biological matter (egg) and his biological matter (sperm) the zygote would not exist. The woman’s body provides the environment necessary for the zygote to grow into maturity. Upon maturity, the woman’s body provides the process necessary for the zygote to join our world as a brand new male or female. The fledgling boy or girl needs many years of nurturing before reaching his/her maturity i.e. ability to care for himself/herself. The man and woman own and are obliged to care for their progeny (property) until their progeny reaches adulthood. The vast majority of male and female progeny reach adulthood as a result of their mother and father’s care and nurturing.

The STATE OF corporation (owning no eggs, sperms or wombs) contributes nothing to this process and therefore cannot make any lawful claims as “Parens Patriae“.

So how is it that they claim to have the authority to force mothers and/or fathers to enter their progeny into public schools (compulsory education) or force them to inject their progeny with toxic unwarranted pharmaceutical products called vaccines? What authority does the STATE OF’s child protective services (CPS) have to steal the mother and father’s property (progeny)? Since the STATE OF didn’t (couldn’t) contribute to the creation of the man and woman’s progeny (boy or girl), where does its ownership claim come from? What does the STATE OF corporation actually own?

The STATE OF owns the baby’s birth certificate, which it created. Owning the birth certificate and owning the baby are two very different things.

The corporation known as the STATE OF fraudulently creates a new corporation known as a “person”, such as the fictitious JOHN DOE, via a birth registration and certificate.

BirthCertificateBut the only way they can enforce any claim against John Doe (the flesh and blood living male progeny) is by the rightful owner’s (his mother or father) consent. This consent is obtained by signatures on deceptive contracts.

Unfortunately when babies are born in hospitals, the mothers are coerced into signing the “certificate of live birth” by hospital employees. The hospital then turns over (sells??) this document to the STATE OF. The STATE OF then creates their own document known as the Birth Certificate.

At this point a really nasty presumption and deception takes place. Unknown to the mother, the “certificate of live birth” is considered to be a bill of lading and the mother (by signing it) is presumed to have voluntarily pledged the lawful ownership of her infant (creation) over to the STATE OF.

The STATE OF can force their creation, the Birth Certificate, into public school and demand it is vaccinated because it is their property. However, they cannot lawfully force our creations (our progeny) to be vaccinated with toxic unwarranted pharmaceutical products . . . without full disclosure and our completely informed consent.

Until mothers and fathers recognize this deceptive practice of mistaken (or stolen) identify, our children will suffer. To stop the theft and abuse of their progeny, mothers and fathers must deny their consent and nullify any/all contracts that are used to perpetuate this deceptive presumption. In the devious legal system in place today (the Uniform Commercial Code or Law Merchant referred to as statutory law), consent is presumed unless denied.

It should be obvious to all by now, that if we don’t protect our sons and daughters, no one else will.

For attorneys:

Parents are not enabled to indebt, pledge, conscript, or otherwise enter their children into any form of bondage, debt, peonage, or enslavement. Any and all relinquishments of individual or parental rights must be voluntary, fully disclosed, completely enumerated, fully discussed, and the real natures and actual identities of all parties to any custodial, commercial, or grant contract of any kind whatsoever, like any agency appointment, must in all details be fully revealed and disclosed, explicitly discussed, explicitly agreed upon, and voluntarily entered into by all parties. Any contracts failing these requirements and merely being presumed to exist via tacit agreements, third party representations, or presumed benefit are null and void. To accomplish this goal however, the presumption must be rebutted. Here is a relatively simple way to do that:  publish a Notice of Condition Precedent and restrict your signature.


2 responses to “Who owns our children?

  1. Very well done, thank you.

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  2. Thank you for this very informative information every parent and grandparent need to protest these toxic vaccines in the streets of
    America everywhere to protect the most vulnerable which is the
    babies and young children.

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